Teaching Resources

These resources are provided for personal use only.
They consist of pdf handouts, downloadable exercise files and materials for specific courses.

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Using Photoshop
Photoshop exercise files
Using InDesign
Web design and using Dreamweaver
Fireworks and Photoshop for web graphics


Layers palette
An outline of the features found in the layers palette.

Introduction to Selections
An explanation of selections, selection tools and the Select menu.

Basic editing of digital photographs
Colour Balance and Levels Adjustment Layers. Also cropping and saving.

Restore and repairing tools
When and hoe to use the Spot Healing brush, Healing brush, Patch and Clone tools for repairing images.

Levels Adjustment Layer
Changing contrast and colour balance with Levels.

Introduction to using Curves
Changing contrast and colour balance with the Curves Adjustment Layer.

Quick Mask
Using the Quick Mask technique to create a selection.

Shape Tool
An introduction on how to use the shape tool.

Layer Masks tutorial
An excellent primer, provided by Lunacore Photoshop Training, in the use of Layer Masks. Step by step instruction.

Save for Web and Devices
Resizing an image and saving images for the web using the Save for Web and Devices dialogue.

Photoshop exercise files

Long Ago
Includes Layers palette handout.
(zip 4.25mb)

Melon Head
Making selections with the selection tools. Includes full set of instructions.
(zip 962kb)

Photo editing techniques such as rotate and crop, Adjustment Layers, dodge, saturate, change colour and pasting into a selection. Includes a worksheet and instruction. (zip 1.60mb)

Create a montage from different images. Involves using basic selections, layer blending and filters. Includes images and a simple worksheet to get you started. (zip 2.24mb)

Basic editing of digital photographs
Using Colour Balance and Levels (contrast) Adjustment Layers to enhance photographs. Includes practice images and set of intructions. (zip 2.38mb)

Using Quick Mask, Layer Mask in an Adjustment Layer, grouping Layers, aligning objects with guides, merging Layers and grouping an Adjustment Layer.. (zip 2.76mb)

Files for adding toy figures to a tube escalator. Includes layered Photoshop document of final file. (zip 7.63mb)


Using images
Inserting, re-sizing and positioning images with InDesign.

Using text
Text, text frames, character and paragraph formatting and creating styles.

Master pages
Using and creating master pages and numbering pages.

Web Design

What is HTML
The characteristics of HTML, the basic tags needed to create a web page, making a web page and how to save it.

File management
File magement for a simple web site.

Dreamweaver CS4 Workspace
Brief explanation of the workspace.

Formatting text
Formatting text with Page Properties and Proerties panel in Dreamweaver (CS4).

Using images
Using images with Dreamweaver (CS4).

Adding links
Adding links to web pages with Dreamweaver (CS4).

Using tables
Layout with tables in Dreamweaver (CS4)

Managing sites & FTP with Dreamweaver
Set-up for managing your site and FTP with Dreamweaver

Creating meta tags with Dreamweaver
Create description, keywords and user defined meta tags

Search engine optimisation
Things you can do to improve SEO when making your site

Optimising graphics
Outline of the main aspects involved when optimising graphics

Image editing between Fireworks and Dreamweaver
Using the interface between FW and DW to edit an image in a web page

Embed media
How to embed sound and movies into a web page

A simple explanation of HTML form elements taken from htmldog.com.

Styles outline
An explanation of what styles are and the various selector types.

Using an external CSS with DW
Introduction to CSS and applying styles in Dreamweaver. Can be used with the files and worksheet in the folder CSS Layout 1

Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed: CSS Positioning Explained
A starter guide illustrating CSS positioning.

Intro to layout with CSS
How positioning affects DIV tags with an example of how to achieve a typical layout.

Basic page layout using styles
Introduction to creating a basic page layout with DIV tags and styling content with Dreamweaver. Requires basic knowledge of using a style sheet.

Basic page layout using styles 2
Introduction to creating layout with DIV tags from Digital Arts magazine.

Formatting a list with CSS
Illustrates the basic principles to format an HTML list in preparation for use as a menu.

Useful links regarding CSS
Links to sites that explain techniques for page layout with CSS.

Graphics for the web

Rollover image with Fireworks
Create a simple rollover image in Fireworks for insertion into a web page.

Rollover image with Photoshop
Create a simple rollover image in Photoshop for insertion into a web page.

Slicing with Photoshop
Creating a visual of a web page in PS and slicing the graphic elements for insertion into a web page.

South Camden CLC

Fun with Computers

Dowloading photos from camera to PC
Using Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard.

Viewing photos
Ways of viewing photos on a PC.

Upload photos for sharing
Share your photos online with others by using Photobox.

Create an animated slideshow
Use Photostory 3 to create an animated slideshow which can be viewed on a computer and emailed.

Basic photo editing Pixlr Express
Use free online software to edit photos..

Windows Movie Maker
Create and edit video using video clips, photos and sound. Details enough to get you started with using video.


Beginners digital photography

Tips for portrait photography
Diagrams for camera angles, natural and artificial light and framing.

Top 10 photo tips from Kodak
10 tips to get you started presented very clearly.

The Rule of Thirds
Illustrating how the Rule of Thirds can help with photographic composition.

People and Portraits
10 tips from Canon. Explores some camera menu options.

Painting with Photoshop
A worksheet illustrating how a photo can be painted on using the brush tool, layers and blending modes..

Taking a photo with the Canon PowerShot A590 IS
How to take a photo with this camera.

Diagrammatic view of the components of the Canon PowerShot A590 IS

An explanation of the shooting modes of the Canon PowerShot A590 IS

Function modes available in each shooting mode for the Canon PowerShot A590 IS